Great olive tradition

Oro de Melque.

Oro de Melque S.L is a family business with a great olive tradition, located in the Montes de Toledo region, specifically in the municipalities of San Martín de Montalbán and Navahermosa, in the south of the province of Toledo. It is a place of great ecological value, ideal so that the plantations are not altered by contaminants of any type, where the climatic conditions are ideal for the olive cultivation.

We join tradition and technology to offer the consumer our extra virgin olive oils 100% monovarietales and of excellent quality.

Our varieties are the olive Arbequina and Cornicabra, which are cared for with care and supervised in their different agricultural works. We understand that olives constantly evolve like any other fruit. Its flavor varies day by day, and being able to determine the exact day of harvest is an art that very few dominate.

Oro de Melque we select the olives at the optimum moment for their collection, ensuring the lowest acidity level and the highest organoleptic properties, thus making the oil so excellent that we present. "AOVE Gold de Melque", an exclusive extra virgin oil, which comes from a 100% natural single-varietal juice made using a natural process and only by mechanical extraction.

Our production of extra virgin olive oil, Monovarietal Arbequina and Cornicabra, is limited to the harvesting of the olives we collect from our olive trees while they are still Green.

Green olive oil is that of early harvest or first harvest. Early-harvest olive oil occurs between October and November, when the olive's maturity index has not yet reached its peak, and most are still green; hence it is known as green oil.

The oil resulting from the grinding of green olives is a brighter color, with a perfect balance between spicy, sweetness and bitterness, with a more intense aroma and a higher fruity. Consuming it in raw is a pleasure for the senses and captivates the lovers of olive oil, which once they have tried, no longer change.

We package exclusively on demand to guarantee all the organoleptic characteristics of extra virgin olive oil.



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